Jul 312012

I’ve been very quiet on our Facebook page for the last month.  I needed to take a lengthy break throughout July for some major surgery and recovery time.  I have a few important messages to share with you if you have a minute (if not now, come back later, it’s worth it!)

Thank you messages

  1. Thank you ever so much to Miss Kelly for your help in my absence. I’m very happy to have you on board and I hope you enjoy being part of the VT team.
  2. Thank you to my wonderful clients who have been very understanding and very supportive. I truly appreciate every one of you and look forward to our achievements together in the future.

Special Offer

Now that I am back and absolutely raring to support you with your business, I would love to offer you a bonus as a “Welcome back Kerryn” promotion.  For the first time ever, Virtually There is going to offer Pre-Paid Business Support Accounts AND for the month of AUGUST ONLY, every pre-paid account will receive a 20% bonus!

For example:

A $100 Pre-Paid Business Support Account will receive $120 Virtually There credit.

A $500 Pre-Paid Business Support Account will receive $600 Virtually There credit.

Here are the TERMS:

  1. Only purchases made within the month of August 2012 will be eligible for the additional 20% bonus.
  2. Your Pre-Paid Business Support Account can be used whenever you need assistance up until 31/07/2014. This means you can use 20 minutes today and 2 hours in 3 months or whatever you choose, when it suits you, for the next 2 years.
  3. No minimum purchase.
  4. No maximum purchase.
  5. No refunds.
  6. Credit is not transferable.
  7. Value is deducted from your Pre-Paid Business Support Account based on Virtually There’s rates for services at the time the service is utilised.
  8. Virtually There will provide you with a live update of your Pre-Paid Business Support Account, so you can view value used, tasks completed and value remaining, at any time. 
  9. All new clients are asked to sign an agreement which contains all relevant terms and conditions for our working relationship. 
  10. All existing clients are free to purchase a pre-paid account as per the above terms.

What next?

Please email kerryn@virtuallythere.com.au if you wish to discuss our rates and services in consideration of your purchase of a Pre-Paid Business Support Account.

I appreciate your ongoing support of Virtually There. Thank you in advance for sharing this special offer with your friends if you think they may be interested.

Wishing you all the very best




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