Your benefits


Virtually There will save your company TIME and MONEY!

Balancing time and dollarHow?

  • Pay for productive hours or completed projects only – not idle time
  • Don’t pay for sick leave, annual leave or public holiday leave entitlements
  • No overtime expenses
  • No furniture expenses
  • No technology expenses
  • No long term commitment
  • No high temp agency fees
  • No time or cost associated with interviewing, hiring or training
  • No need to provide a physical work station
  • No lost productivity in social interaction, IT break down, tea breaks, etc.

and Virtually There:

  • Will love your business the way you do
  • Is your extra pair of hands
  • Is your extra set of eyes
  • Is there when you need help
  • Alleviates your workload
  • Is ideal if you need help but don’t require a full time or part time employee
  • Can be a sounding board if you need it
  • Has 15+ years of experience
  • Will not waste your time.  If Virtually There is unable to complete a task for any reason, we will assist you to locate a suitable alternative from one of the Virtual Assistant networks we are proud to hold membership with

Cost benefit analysis

The following outlines the potential savings you may enjoy by considering Virtually There to assist your business.

Based on standard annual entitlements of 20 days Annual Leave, 5 days Sick Leave and 11 days Public Holidays, a full time employee can only be productive for a maximum of 86% of the year. That’s 14% of an employees salary that you are paying for them not to work! This does not even take into account the periods where there is a lull in work, tea breaks, social interaction, IT breakdowns, and the list goes on.

In addition, with Virtually There, there are NO costs associated with:

  • Superannuation
  • Work cover insurance
  • Software licenses
  • Training
  • Redundancy pay outs

Therefore, when you need some additional administration assistance, but do not want or need a full time staff member, consider Virtually There.

You ask us to do the job and we get the job done!  Simple.