Frequently asked questions about VA’s


FAQsWhat is a virtual assistant?

Virtual Assistant is now a very broad term used to describe a range of service providers in the freelance marketplace. We are known as Virtual Assistants, Virtual Administrators, Business Support Administrators, Virtual Business Managers, Administrative Consultants and a variety of other titles across the globe. The specific services provided by Virtual Assistants are many and varied from simple data entry to Management and everything in between.

The resounding features of Virtual Assistants are:

  • We are business owners
  • We are consultants
  • We operate from our own offices to provide our services
  • We provide our own workspace, equipment, and technologies
  • We work behind the scenes and support you as required.

How is Virtually There different to temporary staff from a recruitment company?

  1. Unlike hiring temporary staff, Virtually There consults directly to you, there are no exorbitant agency fees.
  2. You and Virtually There become familiar with each other, rather than having someone new to your business each time you need some help.
  3. You will always have access to our continually evolving, high quality skills, rather than the hit or miss problem you may face with temporary staff.
  4. Virtually There has no minimum hourly requirement, therefore you do not need to find work for Virtually There
  5. We are flexible. You only need to let us know how much support you need. We can offer you a variety of solutions, ad hoc or a retainer of x hours per week or month – whatever suits your needs. We are always available when you need assistance.

How do I instruct Virtually There?

Virtually There communicates with clients and receives work via Phone, SMS, Skype, MSN, Email, Contact Us, and Dropbox.

How soon can you complete my tasks?

Most small tasks can be completed on the day of request. An accurate estimation can be provided when full details are provided about the task in question.

What are your rates?

We offer a range of options to suit your needs. Please contact us for more information about our rates.

How do I pay Virtually There?

Virtually There accepts payment via direct deposit or Paypal. Our invoice will provide payment details.

How do I know I am being charged correctly?

On completion of the task, Virtually There will provide you with a timesheet to outline exactly what work has been completed and in what timeframe. Virtually There also offers an additional resource to allow you to track the time spent on your tasks on a daily basis. This may help you with budgeting.

What are your payment terms?

Virtually There’s payment terms are strictly 7 days from receipt of invoice for all new clients. When a trusted business relationship has been established, Virtually There is more than happy to discuss alternative payment terms to suit your needs.

Is there a minimum charge?

Virtually There has a firm belief that its clients should only be charged for the time used. There is NO minimum charge. There are NO incremental blocks. Virtually There will only charge you for the time spent on your tasks, and not a second longer.

What if I need something done right now?

Please contact Virtually There via our contact form, email or phone to discuss your needs and let us know what deadlines you are facing. Extremely time sensitive or high pressure tasks may incur a priority fee.

What about confidentiality?

Virtually There’s Commitment to Privacy: Virtually There respects your rights to privacy.

We will sign a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement for any projects as you see fit.

Any personal information provided to Virtually There will be used exclusively by Virtually There. Virtually There will not provide your personal information to any other person or organisation.

The personal information stored by Virtually There will be for billing and contact purposes only.