May 092012

Woo Hoo!  It’s Friday! 

Just get through today, then maybe Friday night drinks, and then you have your weekend to unwind.  Bliss!  Just get through the day you say?

Have you ever noticed the major slack attack in the office on a Friday afternoon?   You drag your feet back to the office after lunch; and it feels like time comes to a standstill waiting for 5pm to roll around.

2.17 pm.

3.02 pm.

3.29 pm (could the afternoon get any slower?)

4pm. Hey, that’s a reasonable time to leave on a Friday.  Isn’t it?

Let’s face it; Friday afternoon is a write off!  It’s just like the day before you go on annual leave.  Your focus did not come to work with you; it’s already started its weekend.   Employers don’t get their money’s worth from everyone in the office on a Friday afternoon for one reason or another.  Come to think of it, even the boss likes to disappear on a Friday afternoon.

Think of all the other days you start work a few minutes early, or work past your knock off time, through tea breaks or lunch breaks, and you don’t think to ask for overtime, or time off in lieu.  It’s basically expected when the workload demands it, and hey, it’s a few minutes at a time.

That time really does add up.  Understandably, doing these extra minutes here and there can take its toll, and by Friday afternoon, you’ve just run out of puff!

Consider taking the following suggestion to your boss:

  1. Create a roster for your staff to alternate knocking off at lunch time on Fridays (I know a Virtual Assistant (VA) who could create this roster for you)
  2. Enlist the services of an efficient VA to ‘virtually’ fill the void on Friday afternoons (that VA I mentioned could do this too).  The VA could perform a variety of tasks for you, answering incoming calls, emails, any or all of the work that wasn’t completed through the week, updating your Facebook business page for the Saturday morning readers.

Win Win?  Let’s see!

Happy staff – they are rewarded for the extra time they are putting in.

Happy boss – the work is still getting done, your staff are thrilled to have the occasional Friday afternoon off and you have saved the company the expense of sick days and low productivity.

Happy staff + happy boss = Great moral.

How would your employer take this idea?

What about that VA?

Happy VA – She is fulfilling her desires as a business owner. Her intention is to help businesses of any size to succeed.

A Virtual Assistant does not want to ‘steal’ the jobs of office staff.   Virtually There acknowledges the stress felt by office staff (been there…).   Our solution is to offer to assist with the overflow of an increasing workload.  You are free to call on us when you need to.

So, come back and tell me what the boss thinks?

Oh, and if you want the name of that VA I was talking about, let me know at

Have a great weekend!


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