Jan 242013

Kerryn Sonnet qualifies for worldwide Virtual Assistant certification at VAcertifed.com

vacertifiedBendigo, Victoria, Australia – Kerryn Sonnet, owner of Virtually There announced today that she has qualified for the new worldwide Virtual Assistant Certification from VAcertified.com.

VAcertified.com is the new standard for Virtual Assistant Certification which clients worldwide can use to benchmark the services they are looking for in a Virtual Assistant (VA). The first internationally recognized VA certification, VAcertified.com offers a carefully calibrated and unbiased assessment of a VA’s skills, education, professional experience and industry contributions to gain business owners’ confidence in the skills of certified VAs.

To qualify for the certification, Kerryn Sonnet was evaluated by 13 industry leaders and specialists from the four corners of the world on a broad spectrum of personal and professional traits pertaining to her expertise and professional ethic.

Sonnet is one of thousands of Virtual Assistants (VAs), business owners who work from their own offices providing professional support, services and skills to their clients via phone, fax and Internet-based technology. Partnering with a VA reduces stress, protects cash flow, eliminates administrative hassles and enables business people to find the success they originally set out to achieve.

As more and more businesses look toward affordable, online solutions to sustain and grow their bottom line in a tough economy, Virtual Assistants are enjoying increased demand for their services. For business owners and managers who may have considered outsourcing support tasks to a VA in the past but could not justify the understandable risk of hiring an unknown, VA certification provides an assurance that the VA in question has the skills and experience needed.

Sonnet specializes in CRM (database) implementation, customization, training and ongoing support, along with general administration and is an administrative professional providing various online services to her clients. She started her Virtual Assistance career to help other businesses owners to succeed and grow their businesses and to do so with less stress.

Certification is extremely important to Kerryn Sonnet so that her clients and potential clients know that she is passionate about her role in their businesses, that she is professional, well regarded in her industry, and someone who cares about their businesses and the Virtual Assistant industry.

For more information about Virtually There visit www.virtuallythere.com.au.

The VAcertified.com seal of approval tells prospective clients that a global panel of experts has thoroughly reviewed a Virtual Assistant’s skills, experience and professional ethic. To learn more about becoming a certified Virtual Assistant or to discover the benefits of hiring a certified Virtual Assistant, visit http://www.VAcertified.com

About Virtually There

Launched in 2005, Virtually There specializes in supporting businesses to grow.  Virtually There offers a variety of services to alleviate the stress and workload preventing you from growing your business. Visit the website at www.virtuallythere.com.au.


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