About us

Virtually There was established in September 2005 by Bendigo based Virtual Business Manager, Kerryn Sonnet.

Originally from Melbourne, Kerryn and her family moved to Bendigo in 2007 for the change of lifestyle, escaping the hustle and bustle of the city rat race, to a stress reduced, family oriented, work / life balance.

The purpose of Virtually There is to deliver sales and marketing support services to clients to give them the freedom to experience the same opportunities we enjoy; work / life balance, low stress and therefore great health; and most importantly, the time and freedom  to do what they love doing.

Kerryn has a background in Telecommunications, Recruitment, Investigation, and Sales & Marketing.   She offers over 20 years experience in executive assistance, client service, tender management, sales support and high quality administration.

Virtually There offers two streams of service, General Sales & Marketing Administration and  CRM Consultation, including design and implementation, training and ongoing support

Support for businesses

Drawing from a vast range of high quality, executive level administration skills, the premise of Virtually There is to relieve you of your administrative workload. In turn, this grants a small business owner or entrepreneur  the freedom to build their business by saving them countless hours in front of the computer. By delegating the administration responsibilities to a specialist, it assures them that the job will be completed quickly and correctly.

 Supporting individuals and business from all walks of life

For the larger business, we present an opportunity to alleviate pressure felt by existing staff. Overloaded staff can be a issue within the workplace, causing staff to become rundown, unwell, unproductive, or in the worst case, result in staff turnover. None of these outcomes are cost effective for a business, and will always have a negative impact on your bottom line. Consider reducing the likelihood of your staff becoming overloaded, rundown, ill, complacent, or leaving, by providing them with some occasional help. If it is already too late, why not get the help your business needs while your staff get back on their feet?

Virtually There has no intention of ‘stealing’ the jobs of office staff, rather, we acknowledge the stresses of a hectic workplace (been there :-)). Our solution is to offer to assist with the overflow of an increasing workload. You are free to call on us when you need to.

Contact us today to explore a life of less stress and more goals achieved!